About the AIE

The Australian Institute of Embalming has been established for over 20 years. The AIE, through its Council, negotiates with various agencies and authorities to ensure that only the finest practices are accepted and that professional status is recognised. The presence of the AIE has produced a culture in Australia where embalming is an accepted part of the funeral process.

Vision Statement

To continue to be the peak representative and authoritative national institute providing embalming services within the funeral industry.

Mission Statement

The promotion and maintenance through continuing education and training of the highest professional standards of embalming in the funeral industry that reflects quality, individuality and integrity.

Key Objectives

  • As part of the professional development of members, and to encourage the acquisition of relevant and up-to-date knowledge in embalming, to continue to promote education and accredited training using the latest curriculum and methods.
  • Maintain and expand AIE membership through the provision of a high level of quality service and increased benefits to members.
  • On a regular basis, arrange State-wide educational meetings that will assist members with their continuing professional development and keep them up-to-date with advances and improvements in the embalming area e.g. new products, new chemicals and techniques etc.
  • To develop a range of relevant and clearly articulated policies in order assist members in the provision of the highest quality of embalming services within the funeral industry.
  • To be proactive in the promotion and marketing of AIE to the extent that the organisation remains acknowledged nationally as the foremost knowledge base for embalming within the funeral industry.

Professional Standing

Above all, membership of the AIE indicates a level of professionalism. Individuals in the industry must meet certain criteria before being accepted in the Institute.

Annual Conference

The annual Conference of the AIE is held over approximately two-and-a-half days during mid-year. It is intended as an educational and informative session, and embalmers’ can gain accreditation points by attending.