Code of Ethics

AIE Code of Ethics (updated 22 November 2012)

 1. I believe the practice of embalming is in the interest of public health and agree to promote embalming to the best of my ability.

 2.  I will treat all human remains with respect.

 3.  I will endeavour to promote scientific research in the problems affecting embalming.

 4.  I undertake to abide by the Constitution, Operating Rules and Policies of the Australian Institute of Embalming and to support to the best of my ability any meetings or gathering arranged by them.

5.  To maintain in all matters the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct.

6.  To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality and trust placed in us by our clients, employers and members of the public.

7.  To respect the personal choice of clients and have regard for their diversity of beliefs in religious and cultural practices.