Professional Embalming

Professional Embalming has been carried out in Australia for well over one hundred years. It has become more widely accepted by the general public in more recent times due to the vast improvements in mortuary science-embalming education and broad-reaching professional standards.

Embalmers undergo an intensive two year training program in order to become qualified practitioners. Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates are invited to apply for membership in the Australian Institute of Embalming (AIE). Members of the AIE are bound by a strict Code of Ethics, thereby agreeing they must:

“Believe that the practice of professional embalming is in the interest of public health and will promote embalming to the best of their ability. Treat all human bodies with respect and dignity. Guarantee a completely confidential relationship with those they serve.”

The Institute regulates and implements minimum education and post education standards, as well as performing a range of other funeral profession-specific functions.

For further information please download our brochure: “The Art & and Science of Embalming”