Education & Careers

For Australian Residents

As we are an Association, we are not in the position to offer advice regarding recruitment for funeral homes or Embalming positions in particular.

We can advise you that there is no requirement to have a qualification prior to entering the industry and however courses are only available once you are employed in the industry.  There are two recommended providers of Embalming/Funeral courses and their details are as follows:

Funeral Industry Development Australia (FIDA)
189 Boundary Road
(PO Box 251)
VIC 3051
Phone: (03) 9328 3999
Website at


Mortuary & Funeral Educators (MFE)


Certificate IV in Funeral Services (Embalming)

For all enquiries and/or enrolment forms contact:

Priscilla Nelson Feaver

MFE Administrator

214 Lorimer Street

Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Phone: 03 83984333



There is currently no shortage of Embalmers or Funeral Directors in Australia and seeking employment in this area is just as challenging to enter as any other career, therefore we would suggest that you compile a comprehensive resume and submit it to funeral homes. You may wish to refer to our other website to find a list of the Australian Funeral Directors Association members.

For further information, please see our brochures:

So you want to be an Embalmer

So you want to be a Funeral Director


For Overseas Residents

For information on relocating to Australia please refer to the Australian Govt website.

You should be aware that there is currently no shortage of Embalmers or Funeral Directors in Australia and these occupations are not on the skilled occupation list, which makes it very difficult to relocate to Australia.

For further information, please see our brochure:

So you want to work in the Funeral Industry in Australia