The Master Embalmers Award

The Master Embalmers Award is one of the most prestigious awards that the Australian Institute of Embalming can bestow upon a Member. The purpose of the Master Embalmers Award is to honour a Member of the Australian Institute of Embalming who has provided outstanding leadership and made a distinguished contribution to the profession and to the Institute.

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All nominees must complete an application form that has been proposed and seconded by two (2) current practising members and submit an entry that demonstrates proficiency in the key professional areas listed.


Evidence must be provided to support an application for the Award. This can be in the form of:

  1. Letters of employment
  2. Copies of employment records
  3. Statement of participation
  4. Copies of meeting minutes
  5. Copies of membership certificates
  6. Copies of training program advertising material

To facilitate the orderly presentation of the evidence each piece of evidence should be numbered and recorded against the relevant section of the application. Information provided must be sourced by the applicant and must provide relevant dates.


Applicants for the Award can select from a range of activities which most accurately depicts their contribution to the embalming industry and must provide evidence to satisfy the two sections in the application form.

Section A       Employment or Service Conditions

The nominee must have had at least 20 years employment within the embalming industry and must be a current practising AIE Member with a minimum of 15 years AIE membership.

Section B       Professional Activities

In recognition of the diversity of service provided to the embalming industry by individuals an applicant for the Award must achieve a minimum of 20 points from Section 1, from at least two categories and a minimum of 20 points from Section 2, from at least three categories.